The Evolution of Game Day Fashion from the 1960s to the Present

By Gabrielle Tranchina, Sarah Grego, Cole Held, Rileigh Boyd, Ysabella Ramirez 

gameday fashion then and now

In our podcast, we discuss game day style over the years at LSU through the changing football uniform, cheerleader uniform, new safety regulations and overall fabric, color and hairstyle trends throughout the decades worn by students attending football games. The overarching theme that links all of these aspects together is that they are all the different components that make up the fashion of an LSU game day. We hope to show the drastic changes over the years that have led to how our current game day looks.

1960s game day
LSU Gameday 1960s

1960’s Game Day

LSU Gameday 1970s
1980s game day
LSU Fan 1980s Face Paint
2000s game day
LSU Gameday 2000s
current game day
LSU Current Gameday
1970s big hair
Big Hair 1970s
current LSU football uniform
Current LSU Uniform
1950s cheerleaders
LSU Cheerleaders 1950s
1960s cheer leader
LSU Cheerleader 1960s

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